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Dave Shalabi

Broker Associate

Residential Property Management

     Managing a single-family unit or rental is no easy task. You need a team of real estate professionals 
     to handle the day-to-day management duties of your residential properties. This frees you up to do
     what you do best: Build your business.

     The Dave Shalabi team manages some of the highest-quality rentals and single-family units in the Southwest Suburbs
     & Chicagoland Area. There's a reason for this: Team members understand the care and service that a single-family
     unit needs, and are willing to devote their talents to making sure that you will never have to worry about the   
     intricacies involved in successfuly managing residential properties.


Clients rely on the Dave Shalabi team to:

                         Collect & Deposit Rental Income

                         Property inspections & visits througout tenancy

                         Handle delinquent payments

                         24 Hour Emergency Line                                                                                                                       

                         Facilitate maintanenance requests

                         Assist in 5 day eviction notices

     The Dave Shalabi team will also solicit bids, interview contractors and negotiate agreements with vendors 
     on behalf of owners. Our team members will examine vendor contracts and acquire certificates of insurance
     for each vendor.

     The team will solicit bids for necessary repair work for single-family units or rental properties. We'll even
      regularly inspect your properties and recommend specific repairs or maintenance.

      Team members rely on professional accounting-type software to log and track rental payments. They also make
      rental-income deposits through an automated system that provides clients with quick access to their funds.

      If you are interested in retaining the Dave Shalabi team (708)705-9000 to manage your single-family units 
      and rentals, contact us today.